We are a small family business dedicated to helping people grow in body, mind and spirit. We live and manufacture all of our products on our 106-acre Conservation Property, A Promise to Gaia which is also home to our Organic Permaculture Farm, Lady Liberty Farm; and Holistic Retreat Center, The Returning Center.

Garden of One

Energetic Preparations and Tools to Transform

We currently produce over 600 products for healing and transformation on every level: From body on through mental, emotional and spiritual. All of our products are hand-crafted using only the finest organic ingredients with attention to detail. We provide personal service, and are grounded in a practical, down to earth approach, creating tools for each person to use on their own unique path.

The Returning Center

A Center for Spiritual Evolution

The Returning Center is a Holistic Retreat Center and Learning Facility for the care of the earth and our spirits. We maintain a sanctuary for personal and spiritual growth, where people are not separate from the natural world and can coexist in harmony and balance with love and respect for all.

A Promise to Gaia

A Promise to Gaia is our land stewardship/conservation project in Upstate NY, dedicated to preserving and cultivating native habitat. We provide stewardship and sanctuary for the natural world to maintain its own balance with minimal interference from humans. The land is kept wild & free to bring Clarity to your mind, peace to your heart, stillness to your emotions, and contentment to your Soul; To remind us all of the interconnectedness of Life on Gaia.