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About Us

Who we are:

A small family business dedicated to helping people grow in body, mind and spirit.  We live and manufacture all of our products on our 90 acre Organic Permaculture Farm (Lady Liberty Farm) and Holistic Retreat Center (The Garden at Thunder Hill ~ A Center for Spiritual Evolution) in Upstate NY. 

What we do:

We currently produce over 600 products for healing and transformation on every level: From body on through mental, emotional and spiritual. All of our products are hand-crafted using only the finest organic ingredients with attention to detail. We provide personal service, and are grounded in a practical, down to earth approach, creating tools for each person to use on their own unique path.

About us:

Rachel has been making Flower Essences, Aromatherapeutic and Herbal products for over 30 years. She has done over 10,000 sessions which have included: bodywork, energywork and health/lifestyle consults. She also teaches and mentors those looking to take charge of their own well-being and transformation.

Brian was awarded an M.S. in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic in 2009. He has years of experience in physics, nanoscience, and electrochemistry in a laboratory setting, and served as the CTO of a start-up renewable energy research company prior to joining Garden of One.

What is the "Garden of One"

Garden of One is the name for the Earth. In meditation, Rachel saw Earth as the Cosmic Egg cracking open and light streaming forth, flowers tumbling out.  We are all flowers in The Garden.  It is to remind us of the truth of the Oneness of All Beings.

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