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Other Kits

Other Kits

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Energy Management System

This Energy Management System is comprised of 5 Charts and 5 AromaVibrationals.

Our Price: $90.00

Release the family genetic, energetic and behavioral patterns from the past, present and future.

Our Price: $55.00

Clearing, Release, Recharge, Redefine, Redirect

Our Price: $85.00

Creation, Acquiesce, Alchemize, Account, Announce

Our Price: $85.00

Release all the patterns that keep you from living your True Essence and manifesting your dreams and visions.

Our Price: $66.00
Mystical Beings Kits

Each kit has a necklace with a glass filled magical dust pendant and the Mystical being of your choice wrought onto or combined with the pendant; a Garden of One Mini Myst and a magical dust refill all in a gossamer bag.

Our Price: $15.00
Wellness Travel Kit

Great for traveling and to keep all your essential in one place! All handcrafted, made with organic ingredients. Includes 7 items for wellness in a convenient travel pouch.

Our Price: $50.00

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