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Ormus Toothpaste with Tin

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Ormus Elixir with Tin

Alchemically Activated Sea Minerals 8 oz bottle of Ormus Elixir with tin Take 1 tsp/day -- 1 bottle lasts 48 days An alchemical substance, a scientifically undefined state of matter, manna, monatomic gold, Philosopher�s Stone, intended to feed the Light Body and expand consciousness.

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Ormus Topical with Tin

Alchemically Activated Sea Minerals 2 oz bottle with tin Ormus Elixir and Magnesium Oil blended together to propel Ormus deep into the body tissues. Total body tonic -- revitalizes and rejuvenates the body Using & Storing Ormus Topical Shake well before using Spray directly on areas of skin and body that need attention You may feel heat or warmth. Keep Ormus in its tin -- Electromagnetic radiation* causes Ormus to leach from its container and from your body. If you dont have a tin then use at least 3 layers of aluminum foil to wrap your bottle. *(eg Sunlight, radiation from electronic appliances, computers, cell phones etc)

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