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Applied Kinesiology / Body-Dowsing

Coming soon :  Informational video on using body-dowsing as a technique for determining the best remedies for your unique situation.

Kinesiology is a way of testing the electrical system of the body to determine what maintains or increases its ability to channel and direct energy for positive, life enhancing results.

Stand holding the bottle (or a piece of paper with the name of the item on it) with both hands, and hold the bottle at the heart or the solar plexus. This creates a circuit and balances the masculine and feminine aspects of our nature.  Close your eyes and make sure your knees aren't locked. 

Now the important part: ask a yes/no question, making it as specific as you can. "Is this good for me?" is usually too general. The more specific you can be. the clearer your answer. "What Mysts(s) will assist me to my next level of spiritual growth?", "Will this Myst help me to release the emotion trauma of my childhood?", etc.  So, settle and enter yourself and ask the question (to yourself). If the answer is "yes," your whole body will move forward. If it is a "no", your body will move backwards. The experience can he subtle or quite dramatic.

Once again, this is about you getting in touch with yourself. Ultimately, only you can know what is right for your system. For most people, this level of self-knowing is in a dormant state; the goal is for it to be conscious. These techniques — and the products themselves — are designed to awaken, enhance, nurture and empower your own innate abilities. What's so nice is that this technique can be used to help you choose anything —from supplements, to food. to where you need to be for the weekend! It's unlimited in its capacity.

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